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Teams up to 25 people
The dreams of a small group of young people inspired a simple mobile phone repair shop. 5G, previously known as 3G is a mobile accessory store. Five mobile phone accessory stores were opened in Klang Valley. The business is able to establish itself in Klang Valley and offer a lot of convenience to the public. The business was closed due to lack of experience, and an eye for the market.

These young men continued their dream and opened Kepong's first mobile phone repair shop in 2017. Despite not being optimistic, everyone insists that they operate. 5G is a company that holds a core concept. We do not bow down to quality. Till today, 5G has successfully opened its third branch in 2022, and it is conservatively estimated that 12,000 mobile phones have been repaired. 5G will continue to open up the market, hoping to serve more people.

Whether you are using Huawei, Iphone, Samsung, RealMe, Oppo, Vivo or Xiaomi brand mobile phones, or even more than 100+ mobile phone models on the market, you can repair them here! Including Iphone, Ipad and I watch!
What is 5G stand for?
Good Service
Good Quality
Good Price
Good Responsibility
Good U
Our Service
What do I do if my smartphone suddenly stops working? The "5G Plus mobile phone repair center” will assist you within an hour!

There are many shops that fix cars. But have you ever seen the one that repairs mobile phones? Menjalara is now home to the newest branch in "5G+ phone repair" . You can solve 99% of your problems! Grab the machine as soon as possible! The majority of problems can be solved in less than an hour. [(5G+ phone repair)] has branches at Jalan Metro (newly opened in Kepong) and Menjalara Satapak. While you wait for your phone to arrive, enjoy free snacks, cookies and cup noodles, as well as water at #InfiniteHospitality Yay! It's so sweet! You can also get #free mobile phone disinfection! #Check your phone free of charge! All repair receipts will also include the information of who did the repair. This makes it easy to know who to contact if you have a problem. You don't have to worry about privacy being compromised! They do all the work right in front you! They can complete the repairs in less than an hour!

To our friends and customers who support us, we want to say thank you; we will work harder to present the final to you and not let you down. For new friends who don't know us, I sincerely hope that you can give us a chance and let us give you 5G services.

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